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None of This is Real

Life is full of the supernatural, spiritual, interdimensional, conspiratorial, and otherworldly. Oh, and the human condition. Each week we pick one of our favorite topics, and discuss the mystical side and the scientific side. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, you’ll be asking yourself. . . is any of this real?

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Your Hosts

That’s Sarah (AKA Sarah Sinkhole), on the right with the green hair.

She’s an artist, mother, and healthy skeptic. She’s also an expert level researcher who plays a mean ukulele.

On the left is Damini (AKA Doomsday Damini). She’s been looking for UFO’s in the sky since age 8. She moved back home to North Carolina from Los Angeles to sit on the porch and talk about weird stuff with her best friend.


The Backstory

Damini and Sarah have been having weird conversations since the 90’s. Since they haven’t always lived in the same state, they used to talk on the phone for hours, on opposite coasts, about the paranormal, conspiracy theories, aliens, ghosts, astrology, spirituality, urban legends, and the like (while occasionally making each other snort with laughter).

Now they’re reunited, and you can listen in on their curious and sometimes absurd conversations, so sit back, open your mind, and ask yourself . . . is any of this real?

“You don’t have to believe in any of the things we talk about. . . but we do hope you believe on yourself. Believe all over yourself!” -Damini & Sarah